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Your personal landscape design professional- pick the right plants for the right places. 

What is Bloom?

Bloom guides you to create a unique landscape design for your home. We help novice gardeners make stylish and intelligent plant and landscape choices.

What plants go well together? What flowers will grow best in my shady side yard? How far apart should shrubs be spaced?

Bloom takes the guesswork out of great design. Our tool is designed by industry experts and a database of over 5000 plants.

Design professional layouts

Explore a database of over 5000 plants

Plan your beds from our extensive database of plants. We narrow this down to plants that will grow well for you, accounting for each bed's location, sunlight, soil moisture, and what looks good together.

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How does it work?

Bloom collects some basic information about your yard- in particular, your zipcode and some details about your garden beds.

From there, Bloom walks you through picking a style, design, and plants. Our recommendations are based on your personal preferences and the individual characteristics of the bed- daily sunlight, soil moisture, complementary plants, etc.

Learn as you go

Bloom is a teacher- we explain the reasons and fundamentals behind each step, empowering you to make great landscape choices on your own.

Access to experts

Have a specific question about your yard? Schedule a call with our in-house landscape designer.

Search the database

Dig through our database of over 5000 plants.

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